We are thrilled you have chosen to apply for the OYS’s Philharmonic & Symphony Orchestras! Please read the information below carefully. You will find everything you need to know and more in this section.

How Do I Audition?

  1. Click below to be start the process. It’s that easy!
  2. During registration you will be asked to pay an online $10.00 audition fee. Upon confirmation of payment, you will be redirected to SignUpGenius where you will select a date and time to audition.
  3. Please register early! Audition dates/times are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration will not be accepted after May 4th, 2020.
  4. Audition requirements are listed below under the Auditions FAQ section.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding the OYS program and the audition process. (click for information)

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  • What is a full orchestra?

    A full orchestra is a musical ensemble that includes instruments from all four common instrument families: string, woodwind, brass and percussion. The Olathe Youth Symphony is made up of two full orchestras (Philharmonic and Symphony).

  • When are rehearsals?

    Rehearsals take place on Monday evenings, 6-8pm, from September to mid-April, except for certain holidays.

  • Where are rehearsals located?

    Rehearsals take place at Olathe South High School, 1640 E. 151st St. Olathe, Kansas.

  • When are concerts held?

    Concerts are held at Olathe South High School 1640 E. 151st St., Olathe, Kansas.

  • What is the financial commitment?

    $180 per concert season for Philharmonic and Symphony members.

  • Are there other commitments?

    No, but parents who volunteer for such things as stage set-up and tear down, stage decorating crew, and music library maintenance are not only greatly appreciated but critical to the success of our organization.

  • Can students participate in the OYS but not participate in his or her school band or orchestra program?

    No. The Olathe Youth Symphony is designed to enhance, not replace their school instrumental music programs. Each student selected for membership in the OYS program must sign an agreement committing to participation in his or her school music program on the respective instrument they play in the OYS. If a school music program is not available where the student attends, the student must be enrolled in weekly private lessons with a well-qualified instructor.

  • Do students need to have a private instructor to participate?

    No. Private study is not required in order to participate, but it is strongly encouraged. Statistically, students who study privately are more successful performing the challenging music required by OYS members.

  • Is financial aid available?

    Yes. If there is a financial need please e-mail us at olatheyouthsymphony@gmail.com explaining your situation. Payment plans are also available upon request. Requests must be made by July 1st.

  • Who is eligible to audition?

    Talented musicians in grades 6 through 12 residing within the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area and surrounding region. College students are not eligible. Every student must audition each year regardless of previous OYSA participation. Placement is competitive and based on audition score. Students will be judged on tone, intonation, rhythm, technique, musical interpretation and scale proficiency.

  • My child has never auditioned. Is it difficult to get accepted?

    As long as the audition shows a high level of preparation and attention to the appropriateness of their solo, they will be successful. Please ask your school band or orchestra director for help.

  • When and where are auditions?

    Due to COVID-19 auditions for the 2020-21 season must be submitted by video. Information for submitting video auditions are outlined once you go through the registration process.

  • When will I know my audition date and time?

    Instantly! You will have access to select your own audition date and time, upon completing the audition application.

  • How long is each audition?

    Each audition is approximately 5 minutes in length.

  • What if I need to request a different time?

    You will have access to change your own audition date/time through SignUpGenius.

  • What are the performance requirements for the audition?

    Philharmonic Orchestra Audition Requirements (grades 7-9, Intermediate Level)

    • Scales: Scale requirements are different for every instrument. Each instrument is assigned two 1-2 octave scales depending on each student’s current experience level. Click here to view the requirements for your instrument. PERCUSSION REQUIREMENTS are also available on this link. NOTE: NO TIMPANI AUDITION WILL BE REQUIRED THIS YEAR!
    • Solo: Perform a solo (1-3 minutes) of your choice that demonstrates your most advanced technical and musical ability on your instrument. Make sure your school’s band or orchestra director helps you choose appropriate music for this type of audition. The solo will be unaccompanied and DOES NOT need to be memorized.

    Symphony Orchestra Audition Requirements (grades 9-12, Advanced Level)

    • Scales: Play two scales of your choice (one major and one melodic minor) that demonstrates your experience and most advanced technical ability on your instrument. Students must play 2-3 octave scales at a slow to moderate tempo. All scales must be memorized. No vibrato please!
    • Solo: Perform a solo excerpt (2-3 minutes) of your choice that demonstrates your most advanced technical and musical ability on your instrument. The solo will be unaccompanied and DOES NOT need to be memorized.

    Symphony Orchestra Percussion Auditions

    • Solos: Perform two solos (2-3 minutes each) that demonstrate technical and musical ability. One solo must be on a mallet instrument and the other on snare. NOTE: NO TIMPANI AUDITION WILL BE REQUUIRED!.